JVIZ Power BI Visuals

Need a way to captivate your audience while delivering a persuasive data story? Look no further, JVIZ Custom Power BI Visuals are designed to position your presentation center stage.  

Designed with simplicity in mind

Building a persuasive narrative begins with facts, but to get the big picture, you need visually compelling data stories. That’s where JINETT Visuals (JVIZ) come in. We strive to make data analytics fun with responsive, interactive Power BI custom visuals. JVIZ stands out for our minimalist clutter-free designs. All visuals come with a free 30-day trial and are Microsoft certified. 

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Product Roadmap

A different way to visualize projects, dependencies and categories. Track schedules across swimlanes and deliver impressive dashboards.

Gantt Chart

Multi-year reporting of projects and tasks. Deliver critical status and minimalist design ensures your stay focus on milestones. 

Strategic Roadmap

Track tasks across swimlanes in a traditional Kanban view. Teams can track organizational goals, objectives and initiatives.

Dot Matrix

Visualize distribution and frequency of discrete data in units of dots. Become efficient by comparing measures across various categories.

Save time with JVIZ solutions

We understand the time and effort required to collect data from multiple sources and then integrate into a single view in the form of a comparison chart, product release roadmap, Gantt Chart or Kanban Board. There is an easier way! JVIZ Power BI Custom Visuals are designed to streamline data analytics by allowing you to focus more on analyzing your data and less on how to present your data.

Did you know...

 You can watch JVIZ in action today! From custom styling to multiple data views, get a quick overview of key visual features and capabilities.