JVIZ Dot Matrix

Provide viewers a new way to compare data.

JVIZ Dot Matrix Features

JVIZ Dot Matrix is a clean and unique Power BI visual for when you need a quick comparison of discrete data across various categories to see how the parts relate to the whole. 

Plot Distribution

Graph proportional or weighted data.

Dot Styling

Adjust size, color, spacing and radius.

Dot Conversion

Visualize large volumes of discrete data.

Custom Legend 

Visualize dot color map and weight conversion.

Plot Direction

Swap plot direction and dot column visibility.

Helpful Tips

Toggle the display of warning labels.

Watch a Demo

See JVIZ in action by watching a quick the demo of key features and capabilities. Switch between various plot area distributions, adjust dot colors and sizing of plot area, and see how you can customize the legend and dot conversion labels to represent accurate information.